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    It’s hard to go through life without a driver’s license. If you don’t want to rely on friends or public transportation to get you places, take driving lessons at Fumei Driving School. We have drivers education available for all skill levels.
    We are open to everyone. Our instructors have 20 years of teaching experience, and we speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Fuzhou, Shanghai dialect, and fluent English. We want to make you comfortable and make this process as easy as possible for you.
    Our goal is to properly prepare you so you can pass your driving test and earn your license. Our behind the wheel training will make you into a skilled, confident driver. For a quality driving school in Queens, NY, call (718) 321-3389 and enroll now!
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Our Services

Drivers ed
Drivers Education

Fumei Driving School 福州驾校 offers drivers education to teach you everything you need to learn to drive. Whether you’re a new driver or need a refresher, it’s never a bad idea to get caught up on any changes, and there’s always room to improve.

Lesson drive
Driving Lessons

Our driving lessons give you the opportunity to learn and practice your skills. We want you to have the confidence to safely get on the road and become a good driver for a lifetime. Reach out to our driving academy in Queens, NY today.

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Behind The Wheel Training

Fumei Driving School 福州驾校 provides behind the wheel training, which allows you to experience first-hand what driving on the road is like. Our staff excels at creating a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, so you won’t feel the stress behind the wheel. Our driving classes will prepare you for your test and the real world.

Driving test
Driving Test

The driving test is the last step you need to take before obtaining your license. Our driving instructors will make sure you're prepared to ace the final exam and take on the road. If you’re ready to start driving, call (718) 321-3389 today.

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star star star star star

(Translated by Google) Thanks to Coach Chen, after failing N times at other driving schools, I finally succeeded.


star star star star star

(Translated by Google) Coach Chen is super good and I passed once! One time go
18 lessons 9 times

go too Mr Chen

super good and I passed once ! One time go
18 lessons 9 times

go too Mr Chen

star star star star star

(Translated by Google) The service attitude is very good and the instructor is very attentive. Worth choosing!


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